Give account

Romans 14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

The Bible says you are going to give account of yourself, nobody will stand for you and no interpreter but YOURSELF. That day, you will confess to God all you ever did, thinking that no one knew.

You will tell God with your mouth:
I commit all forms of Immorality
I have committed so many abortions
I cheat a lot, Deception is my hobby
I visit Babalawo, I kill many people.
I am a destroyer of souls and properties
I prophesy lies, I am a wicked person.
I deceive people in your name.
I use powers to perform miracles
I am a gossiper, I keep malice.
I am a fault finder, I am a liar
I don’t forgive and I don’t forget
I am a husband snatcher
I use the name of the Lord in vain
I bury human being and animals in my church and more evils I have done.

When you were doing the above EVIL, to you, you were a smart person, your brain work faster, your parents, pastor, even GOD does not know what you were doing in secret.

My dear that D-day is coming. You still have the opportunity to turn from your wicked ways. HEAVEN IS REAL and HELL IS REAL. Summon courage and repent today, tomorrow may be too late. Remember the next minute is not in your hands.

May God give you the understanding. It is well with you

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