Text Matt 6:14-1

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness means the pardon of any offense committed against. Forgiveness is wiping away everything in your heart.

Unforgiveness is the world’s worst prison, when you refuse to forgive your wife from your heart, you will continue to imprison yourself and you will keep on tormenting yourself.

Many miserable and frustrated people you see today are those who would not forgive their wife and others, and as long as you are not forgiving others you are punishing yourself.

If you always seek to get justice or always seek to get what is yours, you will continue to put yourself into prison.

But if you can forgive your wife as God forgave you, you will enjoy freedom and joy will return to your home.

You are only revealing the truth condition of your heart by the way you treat your wife and children for NOT forgiven them.

You are destroying your future if don’t realise it now and put a stop to it. You will regret in the future if don’t take urgent steps.

There are spirits working against your future and you are not helping matter. A true friend tells you the truth. Whoever advice you otherwise is an enemy,

Put your home in order. You are one of the luckiest man to have married such virtuous woman